The 5th ICBMR Conference

May 18-22,2007

Submission Deadline:April 5th,2007

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Abstract Submission
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ⅠAbstract Presentation Types
   Oral Presentation(15-minute talk, 5 minutes for questions):
   Presentation details will be notified by April 15th ,2007

Poster Presentation:
Abstracts accepted as poster presentation will be displayed for a designated time in the Poster Room in the venue. Poster size: 120cm high and 90cm wide.

Published Only:
Abstracts accepted will only be published in the Abstract Book.

ⅡAbstract Instructions
1. The Preferred type-face is elite type of 12 pitch (12 characters to the inch).
2. Use single line spacing leave no top or left margins within the rectangle and use the full width of the frame.
3. All abstracts must be submitted in English. Facsimile transmission will not be accepted.
4. Standard abbreviations may be used. Other abbreviations must be defined between parentheses after the first use of the word. The title should be in capitals. Authors’ names should follow, on a new line.
5. The abstract should be organized as follows: objective(s), material and methods, results and conclusion(s).

Ⅲ Abstract Category

1、Osteoporosis and its consequences
Epidemiology    Bone biology    Bone, Cartilage and Connective Tissue Matrix
Clinical/Translational Categories

2、Pathogenesis of osteoporosis
Osteoporosis-Pathophysiology    Genetics of Bone and Mineral Disorders
Endocrinology and Biochemistry of Osteoporosis    Bone Stimulating Agents
Interpreting BMD and Bone Marker Changes    Osteoblasts:Growth and Differentiation
Osteoclasts : Growth and Differentiation    BMPs, TGF-beta, Other Growth Factors and Cytokines
Peptide Calciotropic Hormones Steroid Hormones

3、Assessment of bone mass and osteoporosis
Peak Bone Mass    Bone measurement and Diagnosis    Assessment of Osteoporosis
Other Disorders of Bone and Mineral Metabolism
Diagnostic criteria (difference between East and West)    Normal data system of different races
Different methods of bone mineral measurement
Assessment of trabecular bone microarchitecture
Quality control and standardization
Relations between the diagnostic criteria and bone density bone strength and bone structure
Biochemical diagnosis

4、Prevention of osteoporosis
Nutritional Therapy: Beyond Calcium and Vitamin D
Osteoporosis & Mechanical Loading and Exercise OP

5、Treatment of generalized osteoporosis
Long Term Efficacy of Therapies    Anti-resorptive therapies
Anabolic therapies    Updates on treatment principle, method and medication
New viewpoints on HRT    Progress of calcium rationale and clinical therapy
Surgical treatment and perioperative treatment with medication for osteoporotic fracture
Musculoskeletal rehabilitation in patients with osteoporosis
Traditional Chinese medicine and the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine

6、Other agents for generalized osteoporosis
Bone Acquistion and Pediatric Bone Disease    Osteoporosis in Men

7、Secondary and focal osteoporosis
Cancer and Bone Disease    Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis
Bone loss associated with inflammatory conditions    Other secondary osteoporosis

8、Medical education and economy of Osteoporosis
Interactive Clinical Workshop    Economy of Osteoporosis

Ⅳ Acknowledgement of Receipt
1 An Acknowledgement email will be sent to the author upon receipt.
2 Notification of presentation type will be sent to the presenting author by E-mail within 10 days after we received your abstract.
3 All accepted abstracts will be published in the abstract book and distributed to each registered participant at the conference.
4 If registration fee of the presenting author is not received by April 18th,2007,submitted abstract/paper will be considered as withdrawn.