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Two day tour (Xilamuren Grassland and Resonant Sand Gorge)

D1: Go to Xilamuren grassland by Bus after breakfast (1.5 hours’ drive). Arrived at the Finger-mutton for lunch. After lunch, try the horse-riding (at one’s own expense) on the grassland, visit the herdmen’s family and taste the dairy products. Watch the three arts of Mongolian men: Horse racing, wrestling and archery. Mongolian toast ceremony at dinner. Watch the Mongolia songs and dances performance at the bonfire party in the evening. Stay over night in Mongolian yurts.

D2: See the sunrise in the morning. Go to the Kubuqi desert in Ordos city by bus after breakfast (4 hours’ drive). Pass by the Yellow River Bridge on the way. Upon arrival, enter the hinterland of the desert by dune buggies. Watch the camel-riding on the sand and sand sliding. Back to Huhhot.

Day 1
Xilamuren grassland: Situated in the southeast part of Damao Banner, the Xilamuren Grassland scenic spot is about 100 km away from Hohhot. Xilamuren, Mongolian for “yellow river”, is also called Zhaohe, because there is a lamasery (named ’Puhui Temple’) on the bank of the Xilamren River.
The lamasery used to be the Summer Palace for the Sixth living Buddha of the Xilitu Lamasery in Hohhot. It was built in 1769, the 34th year of the Qianlong Age during the Qing Dynasty. The lamasery, consisting of three halls which were magnificent and gorgeous. Every summer, visitors can watch camel and horse riding performances here, or go hunting and fishing. If you try these activities you will be very pleasantly.
Day 2
Resonant Sand Gorge : Located at the northern edge of Ordos Kubqi Desert in the Dalad Banner, the Resonant Sand Gorge is 60 km away from Baotou City. It has a dune rising up to 90 meters high with a slope of about 45 degrees. When people climb to its summit and slide down, they will hear a rumbling sound just like that of a car or a train. Resonant sand has long been a mystery of nature beyond man's knowledge. There, people can drive a sand-slipper down from the summit of the dune. They can also ride a camel and enjoy the performance of local dances and songs.


Quotation (only for reference ):

For one person

RMB 1980

For 2-3 person

RMB 1380

For 4-5 person

RMB 1060

For 6-9 person

RMB 960


Price includes: meals, guide service , transportation and service in Grassland, stay at Mongolian yurts for one night and insurance fees
Price excludes: Personal expenses, like Horse riding, camel riding, sand sliding.
Any meals not indicated in the itinerary

The quotation will be adjusted seasonally by the Tour Service.

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