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Invitation      Authors are invited to submit original contributions for presentation in oral session, or published only.
Deadline       Regular Abstract Submission deadline is March 20, 2014.
Language      Abstracts must be submitted in English.
Abstracts sent by fax will not be accepted.
Abstract Category
1、Osteoporosis and its consequences
l         Epidemiology
l         Bone biology
l         Bone,Cartilage and Connective Tissue Matrix
l         Clinical/Translational Categories
2、Pathogenesis of osteoporosis
l         Osteoporosis-Pathophysiology
l         Genetics of Bone and Mineral Disorders
l         Endocrinology and Biochemistry of Osteoporosis
l         Bone Stimulating Agents
l         Interpreting BMD and Bone Marker Changes 
l         Osteoblasts: Growth and Differentiation
l         Osteoclasts: Growth and Differentiation
l         BMPs, TGF-beta, Other Growth Factors and Cytokines
l         Peptide Calciotropic Hormones
l         Steroid Hormones
3、Assessment of bone mass and osteoporosis
l         Peak Bone Mass
l         Bone measurement and Diagnosis 
l         Diagnosic Assessment of Osteoporosis
l         Other Disorders of Bone and Mineral Metabolism
l         Diagnostic criteria (difference between East and West)
l         Normal data systems of different races
l         Different methods of bone mineral measurement
l         Assessment of trabecular bone microarchitecture
l         Quality control and standardization
l         Relations between the diagnostic criteria and bone density, bone strength, and bone structure
l         Biochemical diagnosis
4、Prevention of osteoporosis
l         Nutritional Therapy: Beyond Calcium and Vitamin D
l         Osteoporosis & Mechanical Loading and Exercise
5、Treatment of generalized osteoporosis
l         Long Term Efficacy of Therapies
l         Anti-resorptive therapies
l         Anabolic therapies
l         Updates on treatment principle, method, and medication
l         New viewpoints on HRT  
l         Progress of calcium rationale and clinical therapy
l         Surgical treatment and perioperative treatment with medication for osteoporotic fracture
l         Musculoskeletal rehabilitation in patients with osteoporosis
l         Traditional Chinese medicine and the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine
6、Other agents for generalized osteoporosis
l         Bone Acquistion and Pediatric Bone Disease
l         Osteoporosis in Men
7、Secondary and focal osteoporosis
l         Cancer and Bone Disease 
l         Osteoporosis & Osteoarthritis 
l         Bone loss associated with inflammatory conditions
l         Other secondary Osteoporosis
8、Medical education and economy of Osteoporosis
l         Interactive Clinical Workshop 
l         economy of Osteoporosis
Oral Presentation (15-minute talk, 5 minutes question and answer):
Presentation details will be notified by March 22, 2014.
Published Only:
Abstract accepted for Published Only will not be presented at the conference, but will be published in the Abstract Book.
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